Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Social Notworking Site

A bit of snickering from the back of the classroom at - I couldn't help but pass on this hilarious parody of Friendster-type social networking sites. Pardon the R-rated language on the linked site.

You have to admit that despite the potential value of online networking, the fact there are so many different "networks" subtracts from the appeal of each. Every week, I get invitations or updates from at least two of the sites, and every few months I get invited to a new one. And I'm not particularly popular.

I've yet to hear a story among my friends about actually meeting a new person through one of these sites by simply clicking through networks which has turned into a partner or customer. I could see them being a terrific way to find dates or friends but as far as for business, they seems to me little more than counting mechanisms to prove you collect a lot of business cards.

At minimum I do appreciate getting automatic contact information updates from these services, but I'm a bit surprised there isn't a tool that aggregates them all, much as Trillian does for IM identities.


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