Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Venti Map a Frappr-ccino

About a year ago, I was looking for a free online resource that would allow me to automatically map the locations of YoungPRPros members, but couldn't find anything that didn't require a technical understanding of SQL databases and the like.

A few months back, Frappr launched just that type of service, incorporating Google Earth's full functionality. Plus, members can add their own photos, which can be streamed via a feed into blogs and other online destinations.

This is a great free tool that could be used to bring more of a community feel to user groups, member organizations, even internal communications at large organizations. I think it's also interesting in that it is among the first examples I've seen of a creative application of Google Earth technology.

Here's the YoungPRPros' Frappr map for YoungPRPros so far:


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