Thursday, February 24, 2005

MTV show on Grubman to Set PR Profession Back?

On March 10th, MTV will debut its new reality show, "PoweR Girls," about Lizzie Grubman and her band of publicists.

On the MTV site, you can check out Lizzie's team, all of whom happen to look like models for Teen Magazine. Their bios read more like those of centerfolds than of PR pros. Ali wants us to know that she calls her boyfriend "muffin" and "almost died" when Mick Jagger touched her hand. Rachel likes going to "fabulous parties" and Millie says, "Whether it's wearing the new trendy Scoop item and pairing it with vintage Chanel, there's always something about my outfit that stands out."

PR pub Ragan's Media Relations is looking for comment from PR pros whether it will attract more young people to our industry and whether it will make PR folk look like 'airheads.'

Uh - like, totally.

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  • I'm going to tune in just so I learn some great PR tactics: "Like, omigawd! I'm like so sure that journalist just hung up me. I'm like, wha'ever!"

    By Anonymous Steven Phenix, at 11:22 PM  

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