Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Citigate's Premature Release - Oopsy or Scoopsy?

Gamers' chat boards were abuzz this morning after Microsoft Xbox's Dutch PR firm, Citigate, supposedly leaked an announcement detailing Xbox 2's new features.

Despite the fact that Microsoft had previously insisted that Xbox2 wouldn’t feature at the Game Developers Conference, Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Chief XNA Architect J Allard dished with some details in a keynote at the conference this morning.

Can't tell if the Citigate release was a planned buzz-builder. Certainly seems like a good tactic as European gamer sites went nuts early in the day, gleefully posting the details when they were "secret" and acting wholly unimpressed once they came officially from Microsoft.

I'd say the gaming community is likely the market most easily revved up by Internet buzz - and it seems Edelman may think so too - the official Microsoft US press release (released later in the day from Edelman) encourages readers to visit Xbox's website for a podcast of the speech, although it seems to be missing thus far....


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