Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Popular Science Ranks Techie Cities

Surprisingly, Minneapolis/St.Paul ranked as the top high-tech city. Washington, DC was a respectable 3rd.

The req's:
"To determine which U.S. cities can claim the designation “high-tech,” we chose 36 technology indicators—our raw data—based on expert and staff opinion. Items such as “robotic surgery,” “number of Wi-Fi hotspots” and “R&D budgets at local universities” all qualified. We grouped each indicator into one of six broad categories: Transportation, Connected Citizens, Medical, Jobs, Education and Energy. "

Where to go for tech jobs? Know the way to San Jose. Then head to the OC. Cheers to DC for hitting #7, second only to Gainesville, FL on the East Coast.

Jobs Rank:
1. San Jose, CA
2. Orange, CA
3. Gainesville, FL
4. Boulder, CO
5. Madison, WI
6. Oakland, CA
7. Washington, DC
8. Nashua, NH
9. Raleigh, NC
10. Santa Fe, NM

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  • Having gone to school for Computer Science just 40 mins away from Minneapolis, it's actually not all that surprising that it was ranked as the top high-tech city in the US. There are quite a few high-tech business there and in the suburbs (many of them staffed with my fellow Carleton grads). It makes sense, I suppose, as Minneapolis has a major airport, is the largest city in close proximity to several good CS schools (UM—Twin Cities, UW—Madisson, UMi—Ann Arbor, UI—Urbana-Champaign, and Purdue to name a few just in the top 40), and has low cost of living. Not to mention the Mayo Clinic in Rochester is only an hour away pulling a lot of medical technology research into the area.

    By Anonymous Josh Ourisman, at 6:15 PM  

  • It is very interesing to note that only one city is not on the East or West Coasts. (Madison WI). It seems that the attraction for high tech is research universities which many times also include research hospitals. University cities have long been attractive places to live so it makes sense. Almost all of the 10 cities are in "blue" states, but politics has little to do with it. The political map is blue on the coasts and red in the middle.

    By Blogger Uncle Tanous, at 12:38 PM  

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